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Thursday 25 October 2018

The Modern Novel was a Mistake, and is Bad for RPGs too

It might be too soon to tell, after only about three centuries, but I'm going to call it and say that the Modern Novel was a big mistake, at least compared to ancient Myth.
And in your D&D game, running it with the styles of a novel is a mistake, compared to running it with the symbols and archetypes of Myth.

Plus, I give my thoughts about the latest episode (and season thus far) of Doctor Who, and my part in the design of the Doctor Who RPG.

Also, there's an unexpected catfight.

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  1. Afraid to ask you about the post-modern novel...

    1. That isn't even a thing. It's just an morally bankrupt emotionally-infantile intellectual midget taking a massive dump on human civilization.

  2. Clearly you're not much of a reader if you think this can all be lumped under the term "modern novel." Perhaps you meant "bad navel-gazing solipsistic novels praised by the New York Times."

    1. No, I mean all of it. And I'm a vastly bigger reader than you, in more languages than you.
      Of course, there's novels that are completely worthless trash, and novels that are just mediocre, and novels that are just pretty good.

      But even the very best novels, wonderful as they may be, do not redeem the format relative to the harm that they've done.