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Tuesday 2 October 2018

Lords of Olympus Campaign Update: Sick of Those Fucking Tigers

Here's another sort-of guest post, courtesy of the player of Aetos, in our Lords of Olympus campaign!


In Epic India.
Paneb and Ralph went on to Epic India to find Paneb’s older brother, Frank, aided by the advice they found on the caves of Erebus. After Paneb and Ralph had a few encounters with Indian thieves, they managed to reach a monastery of Indian monks filled with very aggressive Tigers. After a long wait, they were talked to by Frank, who claimed to have seen Paneb in a vision once while he was being mauled by a tiger; and as Paneb showed him they both had similar powers he decided to believe their story about Paneb being his younger brother and leave the temple. His temple brothers told him that his current state of scarcity and difficulty would teach him more than the outside world, but Frank replied that he was just "sick of these fucking tigers".

Paneb suggested that they should immediately return to the underworld, but Frank wanted to change first and have some lunch to meet each other. A power struggle emerged, and Frank tried to leverage him being the older brother to tell Paneb that he was actually the leader. Paneb didn’t want to be outleadered by his brother, and straight up attacked him. While Paneb’s illusions where useful against his brother in the combat, both where evenly matched. When Ralph found an opportunity and both brothers where tired, he decided to egoblast them both, and he managed to knock them both out. Being Hecate’s servant, he asked her for her advice, noticing how, while Paneb was still the younger brother, Frank seemed much more dangerous and cunning than his sibling. Hecate didn’t answer though, and that forced him to bring them both back to the underworld. As he woke Paneb up, he decided to keep his brother unconscious as they went back to Hades. But an unlucky break came in (both Paneb and Ralph have both insane levels of negative luck) and they found a high speed train in the Hadean road literally moving towards them. While Ralph used his ineffable names to become intangible briefly, and tried putting an earth wall to save the princes, they couldn’t defend themselves and got made into Hadean puree. 

He managed to get them both in a bag and drag them to Hecate, who started healing Pane…I mean Frank as soon as she possibly could.

In the Architect’s city.
As Helena had called Corey for help to get Eris out of the Architect’s city, she came back riding on Ares’s chariot. After a fight with some big kaiju-like demon monsters, Ares was dumbfounded why everyone wouldn’t just randomly kneel to him. They managed to find one of Eris’s sons and convinced him to bring them to Eris directly.
After a short dialogue, Corey offered Eris her servitude and apprenticeship in exchange for her to leave the City alone, for now, as she would help Eris destabilize Olympus for good. Eris agreed, and left the city intact. Ares was impressed, so he offered to plea with his mother to grant Corey immortality, and to spare Helena for being so nerdy. 

Toilette and Latrine vowed to help Helena on her quest, so the entire team reached out the moon on Ares’s chariot, and Helena returned to the Maenad’s caves with Toilette, Moongirl and Latrine as Corey waved goodbye, going with Ares to Olympus to obtain immortality.

In Selene's cave.
Helena started her quest with Toilette and Latrine, going on a rocky path of Misty Mountains to find the first clue that Selene told her to find. There, she found the chimera that Corey was supposed to find, and as the Chimera almost ripped poor Latrine apart (we theorize he competes with Paneb on bad luck ratings). 

Toilette and Helena managed to kill the Chimera using their massive ego blasts on two of the three chimera heads. Toilette decided to stay with Latrine to help him heal, and Helena had to continue her path alone. She found a small Greek altar on the top of the mountain, which had a chest with a simple message on it. The message told Helena to “Move six leagues on the Crooked Highway”. Seeing only but mountains and forest as far as her eyes went, she decided to use her powers of Scrying. A vision came about as she divined this mysterious message, it was her, with Toilette, in a post apocalyptic setting, crossing a twisted road with gasmasks on their faces.

In the Nautilus, in Thalath.
Fito was tired of following Poseidon around, so he decided to bet with Briareus, who actually is one of the guards to Tartarus, that if he managed to turn the Nautilus back to Atlantis, Briareus would at the very least speak favorably of Fito on his defense should he ever be condemned to Tartarus by the Gods. He tried telling Poseidon that while he wished to follow him on his adventures, he wanted to live his own experiences, and was not much of a formality person, so he managed to convince him to have a party at Thalath and have him recognized by the Nautilus crew as his son, granting him both immortality and the Atlantean road.
A message arrived to the Nautilus. They had lost both Arrit and Guillermo’s signal.
Apparently, when Arrit and Guillermo went to find the person who was trying to trick Arrit with a "free puppies" sign, they found a literal box with three puppies. 

Everyone warned Arrit that this was an obvious trap, but she just couldn’t resist! They both blacked out as an incredible Ego blast swooped through Arrit’s mind. On the Nautilus, they argued if it was Hera who finally managed to take Arrit out, but it was a very unconventional way, and didn’t really fit with Hera’s modus operandi.

In a Mysterious Ship.
Arrit woke up, and she saw Prometheus piloting some kind of strange ship. 

He told her that he kidnapped her, because he wanted to save her from Hera. He knew that she would be a vital part of the change that he wanted to bring to the manipulative and bullying order of Olympus, because she was pure of heart. So he stole the Apple of the Hesperides from Hera, and was the reason she was given immortality in the first place. Knowing she would need the favor of one of the three gods, he tried using Elon to get her to Poseidon, but that plan failed as Poseidon would just rather fool around on the sea. So, Prometheus had a new plan, he would bring Arrit to Apollo at the Pythia, the place where all prophecies are given, and would convince him to take her to Olympus, as Arrit was actually Zeus’s bastard daughter.

At the Oracle of Delphos.
Prometheus arrived to the Pythia with Arrit, and he managed to convince Apollo, the god of the Sun to take Arrit to Zeus after the summer. Apollo agreed reluctantly, knowing this must be one of Prometheus plans, but sympathizing with Arrit’s persecution by Hera he started trying to teach her about culture and civilization, but soon found out that this would be a very hard task even for a God. It was like a crazy version of "My Fair Lady", but without the happy ending.

In Thalath
Guillermo Hudson woke up, Daffyd by his side, completely beat up. Apparently, whomever took mind control of Arrit also controlled him and had him beat Daffyd unconscious. He realized he was right above Thalath, and swam down and met with both Pontus and Thalasa, the wife of the God of Monsters. 

Pontus thought she would be able to help, as she was also a primordial, and told him that Primordials had many different ways to gain immortality that where different from the Olympian means. They contacted the Nautilus and had them come to regroup and afterwards search for Arrit, but they took the time to also celebrate Fito’s immortality, and having him recognized by Poseidon as his son, granting him the permission to walk the Atlantean road. Guillermo managed to become close to Thalasa and she offered to practice magic with him.

On Olympus.
The council of the Gods, consisting of Zeus, Hera, Poseidon (not present), Athena, Ares, Demeter, Apollo (not present), Artemis (not present), Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hestia (not present), Dionysus and Heracles decided to postpone Aetos' vote for immortality, sponsored by Zeus to the following day so they could gauge the mortal before their decision. Aetos then met Aphrodite, but more importantly, her psychologist boyfriend, whom he purposely greeted first and showed more interest about than the beautiful love Goddess. He also met Hera, who was currently in a “love affair” with Morgan Freeman.

He managed to chat with both mortals and they all showed to be pretty friendly towards him. Hera invited Aetos to a dinner at her palace. While Athena warned him about how being with Hera alone could be dangerous if he did not measure his words, he decided to not show fear and go anyway.
At dinner, Hera tried asking to him loaded questions, but Aetos showed he would not fault on his loyalty for Olympus. Hera asked if Aetos would be able to kill Arrit, the girl who ate her stolen golden apple, and find who actually stole the apple in the first place. Aetos negotiated with Hera and managed to convince her that he could (but not promise that), if the situation arose, bring the information on who stole the apple with Arrit, but he would not allow anyone to be murdered. In exchange, Hera would give one person of Aetos choice a golden apple that she also deemed worthy.
Both exchanged vows to not talk about this to anyone else, and Aetos showed that he was not one to lie. He obtained Hera’s word, and went on his way.
While he returned, two kids and a young teenage girl with superpowers suddenly attacked him. After a short fight without harming the kids, Hercales, the God of strength, appeared, showing him that this was all just a test…he thought the best way to measure the promising godling was not to talk with him…But to send his wife Hebe, and his two sons (Alexaires and Anicetus, Gods of youth sports) to try to fight him. 

He was impressed by Aetos show of might, enough to gain his vote for immortality. Thankfully, he wasn’t impressed enough to have to intervene himself.
Finally, he met with Dionysus, God of Wine, who was randomly laying on Aetos bed, dressed in a spectacular evening gown, at 2 in the morning. 

He started trying to gauge Aetos opinion of Olympus through some philosophical talk, and asked if Aetos wanted change. Aetos told him that he liked change, but he liked change with a direction, and he could not gauge Dionysus direction at the moment, especially at 2 in the morning with a half-naked Godling on his bed.
The next day, Corey arrived with Ares, and Ares tried to proudly show his newfound Daughter to his mother. Hera talked with Corey, and was eventually impressed by her cunning, so she decided to grant her immortality, knowing she could use the fact that she was already going to vote in Aetos favor for immortality as leverage. She gave her an apple of the Hesperides and departed to the council meeting. Corey and Aetos met, congratulated each other for achieving immortality and exchanged a few words about the City’s situation. Zeus obviously tried to hit on Corey. They waited for a good deal, but after a lot of Zeus and Hera arguing, and an embarrassed Zeus knowing he just hit on her granddaughter, both Corey and Aetos were admitted for gaining Immortality and the power of world walking through the Olympian road. Dionysus opened the celebration, by solemnly declaring everyone should get head-spinningly drunk.
Can Helena finish her epic quest? Was Latrine on the train that made Paneb puré? Who will be the first PC to get a bit of Zeus’s swan schlong? Only.Fate.Truly.Knows.


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