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Sunday 21 October 2018

Lords of Olympus Campaign Update: "I Think I Ate a Guy!"

So it's time for another guest post, from Aetos' player, summarizing the previous session of my Lords of Olympus campaign. Here we go:

In the Misty Mountains.
After her vision of her and Toilette on a post apocalyptic setting, Helena continued her quest. She found some of the survivors who escaped Corey’s genocide on the Lands of Happiness, and tried helping them find a new home. She protected them from a feral grizzly bear who appeared using her high ego to control the bear and have him escape. Toilette returned from helping Latrine, leaving him healed on the cave. Toilette used her world walking to move with the remaining happiness survivors, and after debating on options for possible planets, they decided to move them to an almost harmless, very few life form sustained planet. As she left them to their devices to find a new future on a mostly harmless planet, they gave her sweets, candy gifts and made the dance of good bye to thank their savior.
Showing her vision to Toilette, she took Helena to a place where they could rob some supplies, as she knew where the place on Helena’s vision was, but she understood that the radiation was too much even for them. When they came to the desolate apocalyptic wastelands, all in full anti-radiation gear, they were attacked by some mutants, but managed to keep them away.

At the Oracle of Delphos.
Arrit was bored out of her mind, and had already driven her teacher, Apollo, almost to suicide in his attempts to civilize her, so she decided to go for a walk in the Pythia’s forest. She took with him one of the stableboys, telling him it was his destiny. The poor stableboy, being the voice of reason, warned him that the Maenads, Dionysus' crazy followers who killed men by eating them alive after having sex with them, lived in this forest. Arrit ignored his advice, left the man and entered the forest anyway. She found the Maenads, and they invited her to do some crazy mushrooms, have orgiastic pleasures while wanting to connect to the God who Comes, and kill some dudes by snu snu. Not being one to refuse to do drugs with complete strangers, Arrit accepted. Apparently, she ate human meat. Yum.

In the Nautilus, In Thalath
As the party ensued, in the coasts of Thalath, Fito left his daemon servant, Sam (named after the Samsung cellphones) spying on Elon Musk inside the Nautilus, while he was doing some sort of adhesive formula he asked him to do. But the brothers of the mutant shark men with head lazers from Evil-Twitter earth took the Nautilus over in search for vengeance! Fito jumped at the chance of combat, desperate for adventure. As he stole a green peace yacht from some poor dudes with Poseidon and boarded the Nautilus, he managed to take all of the sharks out, ending the Twitter menace.
Afterwards, Fito convinced Poseidon that he could convince Triton to go with them in an adventure, so they took an aquacopter in secret, and decided to infiltrate Atlantis in disguise to reach Triton. Yes, effectively, Poseidon is so scared of his wife, that he is willing to enter his own home in disguise just to avoid her annoyance.

In the Palace of Thalath.
Guillermo Hudson received a scythe from Thalasa, and two big invisibility cloaks. One of them, he used to cover his new Daemon, a huge rhinoceros-sized green dragon, Pepe. He tried scrying to look for Arrit, and he saw her with her face completely blood soaked from a poor dude she just ate. He managed to see she was…allright, I guess. Just before cutting communications, a moon arrow shot through one of the Maenad’s crazy faces. Guillermo transmitted this info to Fito and Elon Musk.
Guillermo then scryed to Pontus, asking him to contact Hecate to go to the underworld. Hecate used a scrying portal and brought Guillermo back to the underworld, where he met her and Hades himself. He told them he wanted to go to Erebus, as Paneb and him where both in a dream and he knew that he was actually a primordial. Hades allowed this and made Guillermo immortal, but asked him to tell him of any information that he found out anyone else was hiding, as well as to keep him informed about his advancements in discovering his divine parents.

At the Oracle of Delphos.
Arrit was met by Artemis, trying to rescue her from the Maenads. Apollo rushed in and helped. When the Maenads died, they had a long conversation, but seeing Arrit was too crazy even for her, Artemis decided Arrit couldn’t stay with her. Apollo came rushing to find her, and both brothers discussed. They arranged for Arrit to be treated by Sydney Greenberg, Aphrodite’s lover and psychologist.

In Hades.
While Paneb and Frank healed, Ralph tried to go with Bob Shoggoth to find some adventure, as he was bored and uneasy in the underworld, being an adventurer in his world. He received a scrying call from Prometheus, who asked him to free Roman from Hecate’s grasp in exchange for his friendship. While he was very polite in his reply, he ended the call, then said “fuck that guy” and continued his way. Another scrying call came, this time from Hecate, who needed his help back in the underworld. She wanted him to accompany Guillermo Hudson to Erebus.

In Olympus.
At the big party that ensued, Corey, now chosen as the Goddess of Dirty Tactics, and Aetos, now known as the God of Negotiation, celebrated. They talked and assured each other that, while Corey was Ares' daughter and Aetos was Athena’s ward, they would not have their issues trickle down to them.
Ares brought Thor, the Viking God, to Olympus to celebrate. While Thor was bored of Asgard and its constant drinking, fighting and fucking and just wanted to paint his art, Ares missed it precisely because of that. He proudly presented Thor to his daughter, and Aetos tried to avoid the conversation. Aetos talked with Hephasteus, and he told him that he might be able to make a weapon for him if Athena so desired. Aetos asked Athena, and she gave him a magical lance, but told him that for now, he shouldn’t seek Hephasteus' enchantments, the magical lance being a symbol of the potential of what he’s meant to be.
Hera canceled her quest to Aetos, since Corey was there, and she wanted to test her wits, but she said that Aetos could still talk with her at any time, and would reward valuable information.
Corey was sent to straight up subdue or kill Arrit if she showed to be too much of a problem, and she managed to convinced Ares to go on a STEALTH mission, even though he complained and wined that couldn’t smash things quickly.

Will Arrit get proper mental health treatment? Can Ares actually manage a stealth mission? Will Poseidon ever feel welcome in his own house?

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