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Thursday, 11 April 2019

A Guide to Medieval-Authentic Aristocracy!

Today I give you RPGPundit Presents #74: Medieval-Authentic Aristocracy.

The fact is that I've noticed that a lot of gamers don't have History degrees. And as such, they may have trouble in their own settings authentically representing what the different particulars of the Medieval upper classes were like.  So, I figured I'd write up a handy setting-guide that you can use for your OSR, D&D or any other fantasy campaign to help you make your nobles seem more historically authentic!

In Medieval-Authentic Aristocracy, you get a guide to:
-just what exactly the aristocracy were
-their titles and forms of address (the right way to call them)
-their activities and responsibilities
-their customs
-how a typical Lord, Knight or Lady would each spend an average day
-a list of 20 typical aristocratic pass-times (in the form of a random table if you want to determine what your noble NPCs are up to at any given time when PCs come to visit them)
-just what is the difference between titled aristocrats, knights, the gentry (and just who exactly qualified as 'gentry'), and other freemen
-and a list of important medieval offices, which were sometimes held by nobles or sometimes by qualified commoners

So if you're working on your own world, trying to set a game in the historical medieval period, or just want to give your bog-standard fantasy world a bit more flavor, be sure to pick this up! You can get RPGPundit Presents #74: Medieval Authentic Aristocracy from DTRPG, or from the Precis Intermedia Webstore, either way for just $2.99!

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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