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Friday, 19 April 2019

Sexual Harrassment in Gaming is Solved by MORE Masculinity, not Less

In today's video, I take a serious look at the claims about 'toxic masculinity' in gaming, and address what can really help those situations where a woman gamer is being in some way harassed by a male gamer.

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  1. I find it really inconsistent and hypocritical that the same people who (supposedly) want women to be treated the same as men, claim women are strong and powerful, etc., in the next breath weep over how weak soft inferior women need everyone around them to walk on eggshells and leave a 6-foot gap about their persons just to make sure the poor little woman is safe. Every woman I know laughs at "safe spaces" and "a man hitting on me = sex crime."

  2. Also...that "my PC was raped and I just sat there story" is repeated so often by people with an agenda, yet nobody who actually plays seems to have ever encountered this in reality, I have to believe it's either an outright lie or the politician stating it is so mentally ill he/she has invented it but believes it to be real. Most game nerds are so incredibly shy and meek, it's pitiable, and I have a hard time believing they suddenly become macho would-be rapists when a girl shows up. Seriously doubt any of this is real.