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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Classic Rant: Handmaid's Tale is Chillingly Real TODAY

So a large number of people, mostly liberals,  have been praising the sinister horribleness of the dystopian world depicted in the latest TV version of The Handmaid's Tale.  Of course, a few grumpy people on the Right have been complaining about the show because it paints a portrayal of a regressive Theocracy where sinister religious fanatics brutally oppress women, gays and unbelievers.

But I'm sorry, the real-life fact is that the Handmaid's Tale exists TODAY. A country where women can't drive, where they aren't allowed outside without a male 'guardian',  where men can legally beat their wives, where they can be put to death for adultery if they are raped, where the priests who control the political system put homosexuals to death, and murder free-thinkers and atheists in the name of god. Where anyone who disagrees with the priests will be destroyed, and women who try to escape are captured and forced back into slavery.

It's called Saudi Arabia.

The Left is super-concerned about imaginary Christian theocracies but doesn't give the tiniest crap about the real version that exists today in the Muslim world, and that Islamists are trying to IMPORT into the West. They want to create The Handmaid's Tale in Europe and America, and the Left is cheering them and trying to censor and imprison anyone who disagrees with that plan.
That's the ridiculous double-standard hypocrisy of the entire Leftist movement: the very best chance of the Handmaid's Tale coming from where it already exists (all over the Muslim world) to the West will be if THEY help make it happen.


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(originally posted May 4, 2017)


  1. Well, they have no problem lying to promote their agenda.

  2. The liberals are idiots to even use this book/movie because A Handmaid’s Tale is dystopian sci-fi where 99% of the population can no longer have children. Maybe they’re basing it off of their dreams for Planned Parenthood?