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Sunday 31 August 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

Today's adventure was just about derailed!  The most mystical-sided PC (Night Owl) joined a group of pre-eminant wizards and magical superbeings (Marvello, The Green Lama, The Spectre, Dr. Fate) to a meeting they believe had been called by the earth's reigning sorcerer supreme, Aleister Crowley:

But in fact, it was a trap set for all of them by the Stalker From Beyond, a superpowerful demonic entity bent on conquering the world. 

He kicked the crap out of most of the magical heroes (killing Marvello), and was about to Banish the Spectre forever from this world.  That was when something unexpected happened.

One of our PCs is a guy named The Inquisitor, a catholic witch-hunter turned mystery man, who had as a trademark aspect the declaration "No one expects the Inquisition!".  In several occasions in the past I had allowed (with the use of a determination point) the Inquisitor to use this to show up in some scene where he would not otherwise be.  He decided to use his aspect at that exact moment and interpose himself to save the Spectre, essentially sacrificing himself.  So the Inquisitor was banished back to Heaven, while the Spectre remained and proceeded to kick the crap out of a very surprised Stalker long enough for Crowley to banish both of them to their home planes.

This caused a significant change in the planned adventure.  And we paused while the Inquisitor's player set up to make a new character.  Here's when the second surprise came up.  I have the PCs roll their "challenge" on a random table I had set up (because there's nothing I hate more than having players choose their own special disadvantages; I find that gets abused considerably more than letting them choose their own advantages).  As it happened, on his roll, the Inquisitor's PC got "Dead" as his aspect.  We all agreed at this point, the party having already felt that the Inquistor's sacrifice was fucking awesome, to let him come back with a new character that was in essence the Inquisitor sent back to Earth by God, to act as his agent of vengeance to replace the Spectre (it helped that he got like 4 powers, which is the maximum possible in this house-ruled Golden Age campaign).  He came back now as The Archangel.  It was fitting.

Anyways, the rest of the adventure was an assortment of heroes (all-stars, JSA, and Mystery Men) traveling to different parts of the war-torn world of 1945 to stop the seven black magicians who had liberated the Stalker in the first place, defeating their attempt to use the power the Stalker had granted them to conquer the Earth.  I can safely say that a great time was had by all; but the Inquistor/Archangel's character in particular ended up unanimously winning the "best roleplayer" award, by a long shot.


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  1. Some days the dice are the best storytellers.

  2. This is a great example of using a random outcome instead of letting the dice use you. Which system is this?