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Monday 11 August 2014

Got it!

Today I won't be posting anything.  At least, no "uncracked monday" link. No angry rant.

Today, I got the 5th Edition Players Handbook in the mail!

It looks astounding, and the art is probably the first bunch of art for D&D that I've seen in a long time that feels properly "D&D" (and not 'dungeonpunk 2020' or 'god-knows-what').

It is a beautiful book.  And I'm proud to have my name in it.

There may or may not be more commentary on it later.


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  1. I would love to hear your take on stuff you didn't want in the book that actually did make it into the final printing.

    1. same here. well, other then your obvious hate for all things gender inclusive. ;P

      (that is meant to be an attempt at humor)

  2. NDA probably wouldn't allow that; but in any case, I can say that I'm EXTREMELY happy with how the rules turned out, that it went beyond my expectations in terms of matching my own preferences in most respects.