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Thursday 14 August 2014

Some Conclusions From The Great July/August Outrage War

Let's see what all this shitstorm has actually accomplished:

In the past month, and directly BECAUSE of this whole controversy, my blog readership has doubled, theRPGsite has grown significantly in posting volume (though a lot of that might just be because of the 5e launch itself),  my book sales have gone up considerably, and I got a new consulting job.

So the end result of all of the Outrage Brigade's efforts is that they've made me more famous and made me more money.

I still probably don't think it's worth the stress and hassle I've had to go through, mind you, but there's no question that if their goal was to make me less successful, they've failed miserably.

Case in point: my own RPG writing.  There was a considerable boost of my book sales, partly because of the greater attention given to me thanks to the Outrage Brigade, and in some cases because people directly bought my books as a token of support.

The bump in sales was so significant that a couple of weeks ago it pushed Arrows of Indra's PDF on rpgnow from 'copper' to 'silver' status.    Shall we try to see if we can get it to Gold?

It's no doubt helped with Lords of Olympus too, and right now Precis is having a Lords of Olympus sale where you can buy the glorious LoO FULL-Colour book for only $39.95, or the black & white version for $24.95 (the colour version is worth the difference, in my opinion!). The offer is only good until Sunday, so don't delay!

I feel like it's a pity that Albion won't likely be coming out until sometime next year; I'm insanely jealous of Zak S' book coming out so soon after all this because I have no doubt the outrage-brigade's antics will help him.

I've been sent more books for review, been contacted for more projects, been presented with opportunities for consulting (one of which I have taken just now, and may be talking about later depending on how things go) than ever before.

So yeah... is this winning? Well, I don't know about that. The shit I've had to go through this past month I would not wish on anyone (except maybe the very people that inflicted it on me).  And I feel like they've been neither denounced nor punished enough, though I do feel they've been discredited and made a laughing-stock by the people in the hobby that care to know.  I'm pretty sure they'll be having a much harder time trying to do this kind of libelous attack on false grounds against anyone else in the future; I don't doubt they'll try, but people won't forget the lies they slung this time around.  And I promise, Swine, I'll be right there to remind everyone.

So maybe not quite what I'd call victory, but I'm not even crying my way to the bank.  I'm richer, more famous, and more in-demand for all their efforts. So even if I wouldn't say this feels quite like I 'won' (not yet, at least), I can say that my attackers very very definitely LOST.


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  1. I'd like to extend my thanks also to the crowd for making me aware of Pundit and Zak. I'm enjoying their blogs and Vornheim looks amazing.

    Are the Swine a D&D thing? I've never come across it in BRP based forums which is what most of my roleplaying is.

  2. The Swine are a kind of human thing, really.