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Wednesday 13 August 2014

Not at Gencon? Want to get the Best Gencon Coverage? Look Here!

The internet seems quiet all of a sudden, particularly after the shitstorm of the last month.  Of course, the reason is Gencon.  People are too busy actually paying attention to the fucking hobby to spend their time fighting, it would seem

In any case, this is yet another year I don't get to be at Gencon.  One of these years, that might be remedied, who knows?  But until then, I'm glad that at least for every year since theRPGsite came to be, I've been able to have the next-best experience to actually being there.

I'm talking of course, about theRPGsite's by-now-tradition of Zack's Gencon thread.

It is, without a doubt, the BEST gencon-coverage you'll find anywhere. 

So if you want to see everything that's happening where you didn't get to be this year either, do check it out!


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