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Monday 25 August 2014

Uncracked Monday: Outrage!

No, this isn't about any specific outrage; it's not about the Consultancygate nonsense, or about the Zoe Quinn thing happening, or about people outraged that James Desborough, who sure seems to love outraging people, is doing a "Gor" RPG.

It's just about outrage in general, and why outrage is so popular on the internet.

Outrage is hip.


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  1. To be fair Zoey Quinn is a social justice troll that lied and manipulated people in the indie part of the video game industry. She had proven to be a damn hypocrite. She had fuck over (figuratively speaking) other people and cost the jobs of the few. Her followers, friends, and allies had threaten people with their careers.

    This is not a nice woman and I am not sorry she got caught. For all those social justice warriors that tried to cover it up, or try to ignore you can all fuck yourselves. You social justice trolls showed your true colors and many game developers saw the light. A lot of them are women who are piss off with Zoey Quinn as they should be.

    As for James Desborough. Good for him and I hope he does well with Gor. I don't know him that much, but I do know that any interaction I had with was a good one. He goes out a gives money to charity to help people, or to raise awareness to help people. You can't say the same for the social justice trolls that hate him. They are too busy grabbing money from their dopes and keeping it all to themselves. Compared to them James is a saint.

  2. Has someone got a decently sourced, not too partisan summary of what the hell the Quinn thing is all about? I've tried googling it but I'm driven to distraction by the fact that nobody on either side - including the commenter above - seems to be capable of writing a proper fucking sentence, let alone connecting one thought logically to another.

  3. What are you talking about? I am pretty sure that my writing is reasonable and there had been youtube videos with citations to back up their facts. Go look at MundaneMatt and InternetAristocrat. There is more than enough evidence to prove that Zoey Quinn is a hypocrite and manipulative person that wants power over the indie game industry.

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  5. Oh not this shit. Just because there is one awful woman doesn't mean a entire country full of women are bad.

  6. Jesus, what the fuck was that about? Was it some kind of spam for mail-order brides, or just an insane MRA guy gone over the edge?

    1. I don't know. Truth be told I rather see both SJW and MRA out of my two favorite hobbies. Their gender war bullshit has no place in video games and role playing games.