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Monday 4 August 2014

Uncracked Monday: Why We Must Fight

I know, you're probably tired of hearing about this.  Trust me, you're not as tired as I am. This bullshit has worn me down in a serious way (though my stress is nothing compared to what vicious attacks and lies being spread around in public could do to the health of say, someone with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome... but hey, these motherfucking Swine really couldn't be so callous as to inflict massive stress on someone who is in the process of needing a feeding tube inserted, right? oh wait, they are).

I'm totally tired, myself, with the lies, the constant attacks, the ruthlessness, the smarminess, and the massive massive hypocrisy (I love, for example, the guys that have complained about how horrible it is that Zak S has used rpgnet/SA-mod Ettin's real name, while constantly constantly referring to me by my full name).

But this needs to keep being fought. They are relentless BECAUSE their whole strategy depends on people being tired out and giving up, throwing up their arms and just saying "ok, whatever, fine, you get to do whatever you want with the hobby"!

They don't have the truth on their side. They don't have better debating skills (although, ironically for all their complaints about how mean I am, they do fight far far dirtier than anyone else; it comes from thinking that truth is totally relative, so they can do anything they want to have their 'narrative' win; if nothing is true than only whatever you feel is 'right').

The only thing they've got going for them is persistence. And I've beaten them every time for the last ten years by being more persistent than they are.  By standing put right where I am and saying "No".

So in the spirit of that, here are some important links you should look at, with intelligent refutations of the latest batch of lies.  Or rather, the latest as of a day or two ago; every night I go to sleep after hours of fighting off these fuckers and every morning I wake up to a whole new batch of total inventions.  They'll stop at nothing to try to get their way: remember, they've viciously attacked women in the name of fighting sexism, they've viciously attacked minorities in the name of fighting racism, and they've viciously attacked LGBT advocates in the name of LGBT advocacy.

Here's one of the latter now, apparently a fairly well-known advocate, who posted an excellent rebuttal to the idiotic "D&D is endorsing the darkest parts of the hobby" propaganda-piece.    The advocate in question later had their advocacy questioned and was subject to all kinds of insults, accusations and threats.

I'm not sure if this next author has been under assault yet, but no doubt will be, particularly since they are talking a bit about what some of the REAL motives of the Pseudo-activist Outrage Brigade are all about (note: it has nothing to do with any 'activism').


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  1. This fight has already reached Israeli facebook groups as well (can't post a link as you won't be able to view it without being a member of that group), with 92 comments already (quite a lot in Israeli terms)...

  2. I think it would be interesting for any Israeli gamers expressing sympathy for my detractors to hear about what the average Outrage Brigade member believes about Israel's right-to-exist...

  3. really? you are using mandy's illness now?

    fuck you!

  4. Not so much using as pointing out, that the other side likes to talk about "harassment" (which usually means people calling them out on their shit publicly), and how horrible it is when some follower of Zak's "harasses" them by questioning some stupid G+ post they made; and yet, they think NOTHING of constantly and repeatedly hassling a disable woman who is ill with a disease that is known to severely worsen under stress.

    Like I said, I'm a big fat meanie, while they're FUCKING MONSTERS.