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Saturday 16 August 2014

The Giant-Sized D&D Backgrounds Collection Thread

I've been super busy lately writing up a storm for Dark Albion; last night in a frenzy of writing I got down a truly awesome chapter on 15th century Albion Law and Punishments.  It'll be a highly-accurate section on how late medieval law should look, portable to any other fantasy RPG setting that wants that kind of authenticity.   We've got everything there from sumptuary laws to petit-treason to a historically-accurate list of fines for petty offenses.

Next I'm going to doing a similarly accurate section on wealth and prices of goods.

In any case, for my blog entry today I thought I'd share a link to a little idea I had for a project on theRPGsite:  this thread is going to be a depository thread for any and all (free) D&D backgrounds available on the internet.  So that if someone wants to find some D&D backgrounds, they won't need to search through dozens of blogs or fan sites, they'll just be able to go to the RPGsite's mega thread and find member-submitted backgrounds, backgrounds ported from other locations, and links to backgrounds posted on blogs.

I predicted there'd be all kinds of stuff being done as fan-efforts for D&D 5e and that backgrounds would be one of the chief among them, particularly since you could use backgrounds as readily for an OSR game as for D&D; and I can see that this is rapidly becoming true.
So, if you have written up some backgrounds for D&D, or if you know of some that are really worthy of standing out, make sure to post them on that thread!

Ok, now I'm off to get another hour of writing done before my ICONS game..


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