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Thursday 23 October 2014

A Hard-Hitting Interview

Today we suspend the normal programming so that we may instead direct you to the Dyvers RPG Blog, where you will find the author of said blog interviewing no less a figure than myself!

And let me tell you, the guy does not pull punches with his questions.

So go see it!


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  1. That point you raise about the misappropriation of social justice issues to defame people you don't agree with about something else. Fuckin spot on.

  2. Very interesting interview. I disagree with one thing The RPGPundit said which is he doesn't lie. That in itself is a lie. He has been caught many times lying and he either goes silent or he changes the subject.

    I also found this funny "But the idea that I, who am a great writer" which of course is improper english. I will give him the benefit of the doubt of typing it fast and neither The RPGPundit or the blog owner having type to edit. But it still struck me as funny

    1. More egregious is the use of its in place of it's.

      But there are many great writers who don't know grammar and spelling. That's why we have editors and proofreaders.

    2. I don't lie. I've been mistaken, sometimes even about facts, but I don't lie.

    3. Finally, "I who am" is proper English.

  3. I typed up that entire interview, all my answers, in a single run with no editing, or indeed even pausing.

  4. This is the first time I've commented on this blog ever, unless I got drunk and just started posting randomly. (Okay, look, that's well within the realm of possibility, whatever!)

    My point is, I never read your blog until Lord Dyvers interview led me here, but here I am. That's the system working! :)