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Thursday 16 October 2014

And Now: Lords of Olympus October Sale, Too! (New Art-focused Preview)

So, if it wasn't enough to get Arrows of Indra for a low, low price (on PDF),  now it turns out you can also get Lords of Olympus at a big sale price, from Amazon.

And note that this is not just any Lords of Olympus,  it is the deluxe FULL COLOR edition of Lords of Olympus.  This is by far (through no fault of mine, but rather thanks to Precis Intermedia) the PRETTIEST RPG I've ever had a hand in making, and I think I include 5e in that list.
Lords of Olympus Color Edition is so amazingly pretty that people who bought the black & white edition and later saw the color version went out and once again bought an otherwise identical book, just because the color edition is so much nicer.

Here's some samples, though really, the images on a computer just don't compare to the production quality on paper:

And right now, you can get it for $37, with FREE shipping. That's a huge discount!

So yeah, make October the month you stock up on RPGPundit products!


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