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Monday 20 October 2014

Uncracked Monday: Back in Town Edition

So Buenos Aires was a remarkable trip.  I love it every time I go there, but right now, if you're a tourist with US dollars it's freaking paradise.  I've come home with shitloads of new clothes (right now, for example, you can get designer shirts from as low as about $15, with Dior shirts costing under $30).  A tailored suit can be had for less than $250.  Electrical appliances that cost $80 in always-expensive Uruguay I saw on sale for about $20 there.  Fantastic three course gourmet dinners can be had for about $15.  And of course, I brought back shitloads of tobacco.

All of this is due to the economically ruinous attempts of the bumbling Argentine government to artificially control their currency (to maintain their illusion that the government still has things under control); where the official exchange rate is $8 pesos to the dollar, but the "blue" dollar on the black market (though its not much of a 'black' market, you can get money changed at any news kiosk at this point!), is at $14.50 pesos per dollar.

Anyways, if you have a chance to go to Argentina, you should do it now. I literally got four times my trip price back in savings from purchases there.

Meanwhile, for today's uncracked Monday link, let's look at an interesting article about futurism, what has been lost in terms of civilizational confidence in the future, and differing views of how to restore that confidence.


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