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Sunday 12 October 2014

Albion: Eulogy for a Bastard

Sean the Cymri Bastard died as he expected; murdered by one of his own party mates.  And what a magnificent bastard he was; betrayer of kings and kingmakers, scoundrel, insufferable, devious.  He had come from nothing to become one of the most powerful underworld figures in Albion. Betrayed his party at least twice, his king no less, murdered his own lord. Never met a back he didn’t like to stab.   Did the right thing, inasmuch as he recognized it best for his own profit and survival.

It makes so much sense that he’d end up being mauled to death by a Cursed Enlarged Scots-man polymorphed into a bear.  I’ll miss the crazy fucker. I’m astounded he lasted as long as he did.


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(June 30, 2013; on the old blog)

PS: Albion will be coming out as a very complete fantasy/historical setting for any OSR system, early next year.

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