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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Why I'd Give a Crap About Being Inclusive

Some people have responded to my blog entry yesterday, or other comments where I've spoken up in support of inclusive language in D&D, with a bit of befuddlement as to why I'd bother.  Why open up a 'can of worms'?  

Obviously, the fact that the Pseudo-Activists have tried to unfairly portray me as homophobic or transphobic factors into the reason to make unequivocal statements to the contrary. But that's only a reason to be more vocal about my actual convictions, not the reason for the convictions themselves.

The real reason I care about this (in spite of being neither transgender nor LGBT) is the SAME reason I care about most of the other issues I bring up: I have a profound aversion to people who think they know "what's best" for other people. Whether that's because they took a Cultural Studies class in a Liberal Arts College, or because they think that God happens to have the exact same prejudices they have is pretty much irrelevant to me.

I have these convictions precisely because I am a dedicated individualist, and despise the idea of collective groups trying to control other people's lives, or try to impose their ideas of how they think other people should or shouldn't be, think, or act. It seems crazy to me to think that anyone could claim they believe in the rights of the individual while thinking that they should get to impose their own ideas of what others should do with their identities.


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  1. I had a start with that one. You're NOT transgender?

    1. No.. I'm not. Had something seriously led you to think I was?

    2. I expect he's pulling your leg

    3. Are you sure thats his leg?!?


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