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Monday 13 October 2014

Cracked Monday: Free Consultant Advice (Recommended by Trevor!)

Today, a bit of free advice to all of you from a highly-successful RPG Consultant:  if you want to do a kickstarter for your game or game-related product, look at these guys, and then avoid doing almost everything they did.   They are a case-study in how to get it wrong.

There is of course the missing part there, which involves how they engaged in a (now-mostly-deleted) idiotic verbal-fistfight with a known OSR blogger who did a certainly-not-favorable but entirely-accurate review of their project.   So we have to add that to the mix: engaging in a hysterical attack on a professional blogger/reviewer.

The travel mugs? Bad idea.
The excessively grandiose plans? Bad idea.
The whole thing is an example of people who could desperately  have used a good RPG Consultant (my fees are very reasonable, you know).

But the funniest part to me, the part I can't stop cracking up about, is this quote:
"The most addicting and exciting adventure played in the last decade" ...Trevor S.

Who the fuck is Trevor?! This is hilarious! "Recommended by Trevor" should totally become a thing now.
For fuck's sake, they apparently had gotten Ernie Gygax on board in some capacity (though after these guy's fight with Tenkar, Ernie's handler Benoist came out to say that Ernie no longer supports them).
But at one time, he did. And while in my opinion Ernie Gygax is as significant as in RPGs or worth listening to as, say, Lisa-Marie Presley is in music, at the very least the dude has fucking (secondhand) name recognition borrowed from his dad! 
But NO, they looked at the options and said "well, we could put some blurb of recommendation from someone with 'Gygax' as a last name... or we could go with TREVOR!"
And so they went.

Dude, Trevor.


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