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Tuesday 11 November 2014

Dark Albion: Check Out (And Choose) Dark Albion's Chapter Headings

So I should note that one of the godsends of my Dark Albion project is the attention and meticulous care my publishing partner Dominique Crouzet is giving to the art, style, and layout of the work.  My content is going to be awesome, to be sure, but what we can add to that are details like:

-Spectacular maps of Albion and the Continent as well as smaller regions in Albion (Middlesex, Salisbury, York, Nottingham, the far North, etc) and cities like London, of a level rarely if ever seen before in an RPG product, including a hexmap of Albion/England.

-Maps of a number of different locales and templates for adventure locations, including floorplans for ancient elvish tombs, barrow mounds, catacombs, etc.

-Dom is also contributing to some of the written sections, with notes on encounters and adventure scenarios we've written collaboratively.

-A spectacular collection of illustrations that I'm sure will impress.

And, in the note for today's blog, our chapter headings are also going to be made to look like they were from an illuminated manuscript.
In this period, during the Rose War, the art of the manuscript had reached its peak; and within the timeline of the Rose War you see the printing press introduced to Albion, which marks the beginning of the end for the old 'scriptorium' system with monks writing and carefully illustrating handmade books.  Since a lot of war was about the collapse of the old values and order of things, it seems fitting that our chapters have (beautiful) headers that are reminders of that.

But Crouzet being the maniac Frenchman that he is, it wasn't enough for him to just make one header and go for it. Oh no.  He made four, and now wants me - me, of all people!- to tell him which one is the best. 
I have no idea!  They all look awesome to me, I don't have a fine eye for this sort of thing.  Naturally, as a first course of action I delegated this task to The Wench.  She made her choice, but then I thought to myself that it would make for a pretty cool preview of Dark Albion (and showing off a bit of the other genius working on it besides yours truly), to have you, my faithful fans, tell me which one you like the best!

So here they are, options 1 to 4, from the top:

(click to enlarge!)

Ok, so let us know in the comments (here, on G+, or at theRPGsite) which you like best!


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  1. I like the bottom one. It's the most clear.

  2. I liked number 1. If your going to flourish, then go for gold!

  3. 2nd one down is easier to read. My other half agrees! Settled! It is still gothic like the top one but the g in magic is clearer. Good luck. Sounds an exciting project :)

  4. I like 2 best but 4 is good. The other 2 are too busy.

  5. Four is easily the most legible- three is the least.

  6. Bottom.
    But Damn, Dom does great work.

  7. 1st and 4th, they look properly imprecise.