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Sunday 30 November 2014

Update on Raiders of R'lyeh

You might recall that last year I had been a consultant on a KS project entitled "Raiders of R'lyeh". 

This is an Edwardian-Era (1910, as the image says) Mythos-themed RPG, with a focus on pulp-style adventuring.

Now, the KS funded, and has since been quite late in fulfillment, to the point some people have asked me about it.  Even though I've written material for this KS, and did consulting, my actual "job" with Raiders ended months and months ago (at least, for the time being).  But of course having been associated with it, it's still important people know what's up with it.

Quentin Bauer, the designer of Raiders, has been semi-regularly updating his backers, but he asked me (when I queried him about it) to share this info for those who might not have been backers but were still looking forward to this game:

"Everyone (including you) has long ago submitted all material to me — so the project is waiting on me.

The final draft (with considerable rewrites) totaled over 600 pages. I initially made a best guess estimate of the length, but it ended up three times longer than initially anticipated.

This is a small operation (with all content now in the hands of one person doing layout and final editing), so it’s taking some time. This is my full time job right now (and has been for some time now) until the book gets out.

Updates will continue, so backers can be assured of work completed, and progress being made.

Regarding answering the exact date question, I’m choosing updates over moving a goal post continually, as I know missing deadlines (and expectations) increases frustrations. When I do post an exact date, it will be accurate, as I won’t be doing it until I know for sure nothing else will delay it on my end.

I’m grateful to backers who have shown considerable patience with the lateness. I certainly understand any frustration with the kickstarter taking longer than the originally estimated window, and I do not want to take their patience for granted. I’m doing everything I can to expedite this — within reason."

So there you go; even though it's clear Bauer bit off a bit more than he could chew, the project continues in the works, with clear determination to be completed.  I'm hoping that sometime early in 2015 we'll be seeing Raiders of R'lyeh for sale to the general public.


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  1. 600 pages is a lot. One assumes he is trying to trim that. Having been a writer and editor, I know how difficult it can be to prune one's own work. If that's what he's doing, perhaps he needs a sounding board and unbiased eye to help carve off some flab.

    Also: that logo should be more Raiders of the Lost Ark-ish!

  2. Yes, he could probably do with a good editor/proofreader.