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Saturday 8 November 2014

Obligatory Monthly Patronage Rant

Its the weekend, I'm gaming in an hour or two and will be either gaming or sleeping for the next two days, for the most part.  I don't have time to be writing a long blog.

So, what better time than to do the monthly plea for patronage?

See that Paypal button off to the side of this screen?  If you want to show your support for the Pundit and all that I do, please feel free to send me a few bucks. My washing machine just had to be repaired, my computer is going to need to be changed sometime soon, and getting some extra cash for my hard creative work would sure be appreciated.

So if you love reading my blog, send me a few dollars, like what you would have paid for a magazine in the olden days.
And if you hate reading my blog, you'd best send me double, because you probably read it twice as much and get twice as much emotion out of it. You're hooked on me, and you know it.

Want me to double my output? If I get $500 a month, I'll start doing two blogs a day instead of just one.

Want me to suspend my blog and dedicate all my time and output to getting Dark Albion out? $12000, and I'll make the PDF free.

Want me to travel to wherever you live and run a game of your choice for you and your friends? $5000.

Want me to quit writing about games and start a foundation for the study of occultism that secretly spends its time fighting demonic incursions all John-Constantine-style? $14 Million.

Want me to strip for you on camera while lying over a bed of gaming dice (no d4s!)?  ...then you're probably confusing me for a different controversial RPG blogger.

And that's my cue to leave. Thanks to everyone who has and will show their support.


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