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Saturday 15 November 2014

Introducing: Appendix P!! (Dark Albion)

I've decided.  Even though Dark Albion: The Rose War is meant to be a "system-neutral" setting book, and even though it will already include an appendix with conversion notes for publisher Dominique Crouzet's excellent "Fantastic Heroes & Witchery" RPG, I just couldn't resist.

So you've heard it here first folks: Dark Albion will have another appendix, which will be called Appendix P (for Pundit, of course!).  There I will write, in under 7 pages, the complete notes for all the rules in my houseruled old-school system.  You'll obviously see influences from various places there: LotFP of course (since Albion began as an LotFP game), some DCC, lot's of D&D of all stripes naturally, and you'll see some of where Arrows of Indra came from too, specifically most of AoI's combat rules and its "Skill" tables.

So, today you'll have to excuse me, because I'm going to go type that up in a raw yet readable form.  Plus, in another half hour or so, I'm going to go play Albion!


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