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Tuesday 18 November 2014

Yeah, Sure, You're Above it All...

Who pisses me off today?  Everyone who shows up at discussions about gaming and says "I'm too busy playing to worry about talking about games", etc etc.

No, you clearly aren't, you fucking liars. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.   If you don't give a shit about the debate, then leave, and stop wasting people's time on G+ or theRPGsite or wherever, lying about how above it all you are, because as far as I can see if you're posting here you're in the same gutter as the rest of us.  Your posts are a monumental waste of time; its like a guy in a porno theater complaining about how he's surrounded by wankers and he's far too busy having sex with his wife to go to a porno theater. 


And you know what, if you were, that would be no great virtue.  I believe it was George Orwell who once said something along the lines that if you are able to abhor conflict, it's because someone else is doing the fighting for you.


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  1. St. John's wort might help.

    But it is annoying when someone takes the time to comment only to claim not to care about the issue at hand. As you say, if one didn't care, one wouldn't be visiting forums/blogs dedicated to the issue.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Even more ridiculous is the one who uses this argument repeatedly (and maybe slightly modified) in the same discussion showing that contrary to the single posting he/she IS actually following the discussion.