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Thursday 13 November 2014

Introducing: The Official RPGsite Gaming Product of Distinction Award! And how to Win It.

So a whole month-and-a-half ago, I posted a blog entry that was about RPG awards and how meaningless they are, and where I speculated that a "Fake" RPG award would have exactly the same effect as any of the real ones.

I followed this up with a plan on theRPGsite to have a design of an RPG badge or logo.  With tremendous gratitude to one of our members (Trechriron), he designed and granted us rights over this, the new Logo for theRPGsite's very own award:

Yes, it's theRPGsite Gaming Product of Distinction award: the most honest award in the RPG hobby!

And YOU can put it on your RPG product, on the cover, to show everyone that you've won a fancy RPG award!

What do you have to do to earn it, you ask? Will you have to lick some judge's ass, or bribe people, or carefully finesse a group of influential people on a self-important gaming website, currying favor in order to hopefully have them favor you in turn with their votes? Will you have to send product, or pay money, give away irrelevant extra swag, or lick boots on a podcast, all in the hopes of getting into the inner circle of people who constantly award each other awards for self-benefit?

No! All you have to do is this:

STEP 1: post the name of your product on this thread. It must be a Role Playing Game (as defined by theRPGsite), a Sourcebook, Adventure, or RPG Supplement book. It must be a commercial for-sale product. It must have a print edition (including PoD; but it can't just be PDF-only).

STEP 2: Put the logo above somewhere on the cover of the print edition of your product.

That's it! Follow those two steps and you too will have won theRPGsite RPG Product of Distinction award, which is as valuable as any other RPG award in the hobby, and much more honest! The fancy logo will help you generate sales from people who are easily impressed, which is exactly the same worth of any other RPG award.


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  1. Hahaha. Awesome. Although I would have preferred a KENNY award.

  2. Needs moar "Trevor approved".