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Friday 14 November 2014

DCC Campaign Log: Eat, Pray, Save Vs. Dragon Breath

In this week's adventure, the PCs found:

-that dwarves have a very serious obsession with entering cave complexes from the back entrance.

-that apparently, there's a novel based on an encounter with Tiamat entitled "Eat, Pray, Save vs. Dragon Breath"

-that the lair of the most powerful dragon in the world also features what is quite possibly the largest pile of dragon dung in the world.

-that dwarves are not particularly good at sneaking around in deep caverns.

-that any possibility of entering a cave complex without alerting its inhabitants goes out the window when you have a bakers-dozen of dwarf warriors who insist on bickering at full volume.

-that any remaining scrap of possibility of being undetected by every denizen in the greater cave complex area will go entirely out the window once the dwarves deploy their rocket launcher.

-that not all superintelligent Fungus creatures are hostile.

-that non-hostile superintelligent Fungus creatures do, however, speak with the silliest speech impediment ever.

-that the Egg Beyond has not only broken through the Ancient Ones' barrier-seal containing the last remnant of the universe, but that it has also brought Cosplayers with it.

-that sometimes it's harder to communicate with extra-universal catgirl cosplayers than with superintelligent Fungus Creatures.

-that superintelligent Fungus Creatures are psychic, and thus make excellent translators.

-that Extra-universal Catgirl Cosplayers are ridiculously annoying.

-that if you're clever, you can sometimes avoid having to fight primitive Troglodytes.

-that even if you're clever, you can't always avoid having to slaughter a horde of Tiamat cultists and their Dragonmen allies. But if you're clever in how you go about it, it can be a lot easier than it looks... especially if you have dwarven magnetic grenades.

-that Tiamat is obviously very badly damaged by his/her encounter with the Egg Beyond.

-that nevertheless, it might be a challenge to kill Tiamat when he/she is surrounded by a small army of cultists, dragonmen, wizards and troglodyte shamans.

-that magically sacrificing an extra-universal catgirl cosplayer will win you points with Sezrekan.

-that, on the other hand, not letting your allies know what you're doing is likely to cause a panic that will ruin the element of surprise, or any chance of avoiding a fight with Tiamat's small army.

-that ending on a cliffhanger will leave your players on the edge of their seats for the next session.


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  1. -that apparently, there's a novel based on an encounter with Tiamat entitled "Eat, Pray, Save vs. Dragon Breath"

    Say what?