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Wednesday 26 November 2014

This is What a Uruguayan RPG Con(s) Looks Like

Because some of you asked, here's a small selection of images.  Keep in mind this was an RPG-only event, not comics, sci-fi, card games, board games or any other geek stuff.  Even so, it got close to 150 participants. As always, click to enlarge, blah blah blah...

(this was right at the start of the con, when no one had arrived yet. Uruguayans are famously late to things.  This is the front room, there was also a back room)

(the Vampire gamers were doing some cosplaying)

(one thing I'll note is that I think the average weight of a Uruguayan gamer is well below that of what you see at American conventions)

(the guy n the lab coat was GMing Paranoia.  And apparently, he has a reputation for being amazing at it.  His table filled up almost immediately; before mine, I might add)

Unfortunately, most of the other photos taken of this particular event were close-ups of individual gamers, so it really didn't give a good impression of the overall event's look (just what Uruguayan gamers look like, I guess).

So here's a few pics from the previous INJU con, a few months back (when it was still winter; note the change in clothing):

I'm fairly sure the turnout was about the same for both Cons. Both were held at the Instituto Nacional de Juventud (INJU), and organized by

(here, two of my Lords of Olympus players had moved away from the table to conspire together, as well they should.  I ran LoO at the last con, and Dark Albion in this one using the Appendix P old-school house rules)

(I have no idea what this was about.  Note that many of the Uruguayan gamers are quite young, and I'd guess that apart from skewing thinner, they also skew younger and more female than at the average North American gaming con.  I think the turnout at either con was maybe 25% female?  At the last con, my LoO game was 66% women, and at this game 20% women- I guess that's a difference between LoO and Old-school D&D)

Anyways, this should give you an idea of just how large, vibrant, and active the RPG scene is down here.


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  1. What was the name of this con?

  2. The first one was I think just the INJU Con, the second was the 2d4orcos 1st anniversary con.

  3. What game are those people in the last picture playing?

    1. I'm not really sure. It was from the first Con, so it wouldn't have been 5e, which was indeed played and enjoyed at the second Con. Judging by the dice at the table, it seems likely it was 3e, which is quite popular here, or maybe Pathfinder, which is less popular but occasionally played. 4e was not popular here at all. It could have been an old-school game, or some other D20 game.