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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Dark Albion Tuesday: The Reviews Keep Coming!

Today, instead of a political post, I'm going to share yet another excellent (and as far as I know, unsolicited) review.

This one is from Corey Ryan Walden, who is working on a Master's Thesis on the subject of "identity formation in Dungeons & Dragons communities", which sounds just a bit Swiney.  And yet, he's clearly no Swine, since he loved my work!  Good on him!

If for some reason you don't want to read all the great points he brings up, here are some of my favorite highlights:

"Dark Albion is a new book, but it feels convincingly old. I feel like I've stepped inside a history book; except a history that is not our own. "

"Dark Albion's unswerving commitment to detail truly staggered me. Some RPG supplements are evocative and original, yet are lacking in overall substance. Honestly — and I say this without any sense of hyperbole — Dark Albion may be the most thorough and detailed RPG product I have ever read. "

"Buy this book for the content. I don't care what anyone says about Dark Albion, the complete commitment to detail, and the immense volume of work is worthy of commendation. Seriously — and I cannot stress this enough — it is absolutely excellent."

"No one with a firm grasp on their sanity would dispute the staggering amount of work that has gone into this product. That the work is impressive and comprehensive is beyond an understatement. There is no half-assery here. Blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into Dark Albion, making it an 100% effort. It is easy to cut corners when quality, literary consistency, and excellence are concerned, but no such liberties have been taken in Dark Albion. With maps for days, 285 words of useful content, and all the artwork you could possibly want, Dark Albion delivers on its promises, and more."

So, there you have it!

After reading all that praise for Dark Albion, make sure to go buy it!  You can get it in hardcover, variant hardcover, softcover, or PDF!


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  1. Soon I will have it in my hands. Very soon, the pdf is worth every penny.

  2. It does look pretty thorough as well as thoroughly pretty.

  3. You might want him to correct his final comments. You must be a very concise writer to have only used 285 words......

    1. Hmm. Well, we all have typos from time to time.