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Wednesday 29 July 2015

My Albion Books Have Arrived!

Astoundingly (because it was raining this morning, and one does not expect mail to be delivered in Uruguay if it rains even a little bit), today my Dark Albion author copies finally arrived!

That is, for the hardcovers.  And man do they look great!   Both the regular cover:

And the Variant cover:

Now, I was a huge proponent of the variant cover, and it is freaking gorgeous, but I do have to admit that in-person, the main cover is also extremely appealing.  I think that it is more appealing in a physical book than its computerized-image on jpg or pdf would really lead on.  In a book in your hands, the main cover really hits its stride.

Anyways, they're BOTH fantastic, and I strongly advise you to pick them up.  The hardcover is, I think, well worth it (if I say so myself)!  You can get them both from Lulu: the main cover here, and the variant cover here.


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  1. I know I voted for the variant cover at therpgsite, but the more I look at that core one the more I want it. I guess it is the boarders and how well that D was covered to make it different from the rest of the letters. The variant looks more plain compared to the first.

  2. Must be gratifying to hold in your hands the culmination of your work.

    Main cover is so much better than the black one it ain't even funny.

  3. I like both covers, they're both very evocative, of two very different sides of the Albion setting. I previously thought, based on how it looked on a computer screen, that the main cover was just too "busy", but I've totally changed my mind upon seeing it now in a print form.