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Sunday 26 July 2015

The Postman Always Rings Twice... But Not For Albion

So I'm a guy who stays up really late when I'm at my peak working period.  Like, as in, I go to bed at dawn.

As such, I'm usually asleep when the mailman comes by.  Fortunately, I've instructed him that if I have a package, he should ring the doorbell and wait a bit as I'll probably be waking up, and he's very good about that.

So these last few days I've been eagerly waiting for the arrival of my author copies of Dark Albion.  I should have two potential packages about to arrive: the hardcovers from Lulu or the softcovers from Amazon.

I thought there was a chance Friday would be the day.  So I wasn't shocked when the doorbell rang, and I got up fairly fast to get it... only to find that it wasn't Albion at all. Instead, it was a review copy of the Day Trippers rulebook and Gamemaster's guide; which looks kind of interesting but (and this is no burn on the game itself, which obviously I haven't even started to read yet and thus have no judgment on yet) I was certainly disappointed at what it wasn't.

So back to bed I went.

I was lost for a time in a fugue of sleep, and suddenly get woken up by the doorbell, again.  I was surprised, I wasn't expecting anyone else.  Through the intercom I mumble a demand to know who it is, and I hear "package delivery" on the other side.  I'm surprised, but this is not unheard of, and so again I rush through the courtyard of The Abbey and to the front gate, where the delivery guy has a thick looking package for me... could this be it?

No.  I was doomed to be disappointed, for a second time.  Only this time, and again no offense to Day Trippers, I was a little more blown away.  The game I got woken up for the second time that day was called Walkure. It's another Spanish RPG; the authors having asked if they could send me a review copy after my review of Puerta de Ishtar was enormously successful at drawing attention to this game in the English-speaking part of the hobby.  And holy crap, I don't know what's up with the Spanish-RPG crowd these days, but fuck is the production quality impressive.

The book is thick, and in stunning full-color.

I haven't read it yet either, of course, but it is apparently based on an alternate-history where the second world war ended in a kind of draw, and now you have Nazis, the U.S., the Soviets, and the British Empire duking it out in space, or something along those lines.

I don't know yet if the game is any good, but it's made by the guys who did Marca del Este, Spain's own OSR box-set game inspired by BECMI, which got translated into Adventures in the East Mark.  So it'll probably be at least decent.  And I can already say it's gorgeous.

In spite of all that, I still wish it had been my Albion books...  I'm off to bed now, but there's no mail delivery on Sunday.  In this country, you're lucky if there's mail delivery three days a week. Here's hoping for Monday (though Tuesday is more plausible; mailmen often take Monday off, especially if they deigned to actually work on Friday).


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  1. Valkyrie seems to have high production values. When will you review it?

    1. Probably months from now. It's like 10th on the reviews list.

  2. Very nice ! I was actually hoping you would review more Spanish RPGs.

    1. Well, if they send them, I review them. That's my policy for all RPGs.