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Tuesday 14 July 2015

Everyjoe Tuesday: So Bernie Sanders Could Beat Alf in an Election

Today's article announces the start of my work as a correspondent for the 2016 electoral campaign, and where I look at how the left is way better at the media-manipulation game when it comes to actually selling their case.  Consider how they've set up Bernie Sanders in opposition to an orangutan, and then claim that this means dumb old Republicans don't have any "practical solutions".

And then to make clear what they mean by practical, they ask you in a poll whether you'd want a magic unicorn that farts gold bricks, and if you say that yes, in theory you might, they claim that this means "America is ready for Socialism"!

 Please check out the article, reshare it, retweet it, tell everyone about it, go comment there, and see who I end up suggesting is the candidate that could actually win it for the Republicans.


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