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Saturday 11 July 2015

Pictures from UruguayVII

Gaming today, so just sharing some more Uruguay pics, for those who like that kind of thing:

This is a financial institution.  Even those look cool here.

This is  view of 18 de Julio, the main street of the city.  It was taken on a Sunday, which shows you just how abandoned the downtown is on a Sunday.  This is toward the eastern half of the main street, the western half has more bustle.

This is a government ministry building.  They tend to like fancy-looking early 20th-century buildings.  Or at least the facades of them; I'm not sure when this building dates to, it may be from a later period and the facade was made to make it look more old-timey and imposing.

On the other hand, this is the INJU (the national institute of youth), which as you can see is a fancy old-timey building that recently got a new paint job to look all cool and hip for the young people.

The INJU hosts occasional RPG Cons, which I've occasionally been a guest GM at.   They had one last week but I couldn't make it, but here's one from an earlier con, so you can see what it looks like on the inside:

I think that's good for today.


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  1. Our good friend the Pundit might have missed them, but give or take a couple trees, there are mor that 300.000 trees and greenery in the city.

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  4. Yes, compared to a lot of others cities, Montevideo is pretty green. The streets are all tree-lined here, and there's a very nice public park near my house, that I'll post pictures of some day.