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Sunday 21 February 2016

10th Anniversary Classic Rant: Holy Crap: Ironic History

All that's missing is the stereotypical "Nah, this stuff will never go anywhere" comment.

Take a look at this real review of the original D&D:

Of course, that shows just how paradigm-shattering D&D really was. And that it was an utterly different hobby. Fortunately, RPGs had the balls to go out on their own as their own hobby, and capture the zeitgeist.

Anyways, a fascinating historical document.


(Originally posted October 7, 2009)


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  2. Interestingly, the review is not that far off. The combat rules were a mess organization wise and very hard to understand in the original books. From a wargamer's perspective, the original game was challenging in scope. It was successful more due to Gary and Dave running games for people in the war gaming circles demonstrating its breadth rather than the rules themselves which were at best difficult to interpret.