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Friday 19 February 2016

Doing Elves Different

Something I just happened to see on G+ today. Those of you who were lucky enough to know will know:

Man, the Shadow Elves.  It's one small part of the many, many reasons why Mystara was so much more awesome than the Forgotten Realms.  And the Shadow Elves were about a thousand times more interesting and more cool than the Drow.

Hell yes.

By the way, if you like that map, it's a recreation of the original from the Shadow Elves GAZ, done by the excellent Thorfinn Tait. You can find many more amazing hexmaps like this over in his site, the Atlas of Mystara.

I won't say that the elves in Dark Albion are much like the Shadow Elves, but I will say that in the upcoming Cults of Chaos sourcebook, you will find elves that are VERY different from your standard D&D elves.  And that are "hostile elves" very different from the Drow, too.

Stay tuned folks, Cults of Chaos is coming.


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