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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Post-Nevada Breakdown

Sorry for a second political post right after the last, but I think we have to come to grips with some pretty serious news.

Donald Trump is, barring a miracle, going to be the GOP candidate for the presidential election.

As things stand now, even if Rubio and Cruz's supporters all teamed up, they'd just BARELY get more votes than Trump. But that's not going to happen. There's too much bad blood between those two camps; Cruz's Tea Party fans and Rubio's Neocon stalwarts can't stand each other at least as much as neither camp can stand Trump.  Even if tomorrow one or the other dropped out, you wouldn't get every single one of that dropout's voters going to the other guy.

Like everyone else, I never believed Trump would be the candidate. I don't think Trump ever believed he'd be the candidate when he started this whole thing. But here we are.

If you want a sure sign of how much Trump can't be stopped, consider this: Trump WON the Latino vote.


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  1. "Like everyone else"... except Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) who relentlessly predicted exactly what has happened so far. Check out his blog.

  2. I believe Trump won the Latino vote because he said he would build a wall but he would put a big door in the wall. Lots of media outlets concentrated on the first part and ignored the second.

    I don't particularly like Trump but his media campaign has been brilliant and will be studied for decades.

  3. Well the media has distorted and misrepresented Trump's statements from Day One, along with telling us we're all idiots and racists if we like him b/c they don't fathom how we can disregard their spin and "it's not supposed to work this way" and of course their reactions have nothing to do with how he has dismissed the media and ridden roughshod over them and failed to apologize and kneel before the Holy Press.

  4. Or it could just be that he lies constantly and his supporters are too busy worshipping his "straight talk" to take 5 minutes on Google to realize he is completely full of $#it. Demagogues are often very popular. That doesn't make them fit leaders. Almost always the opposite.

    1. I don't have very much confidence that he'd be a 'fit leader'. I suppose it's possible he might somehow rise to the occasion if he wins, but his track record in business certainly doesn't inspire confidence in that.

      But it is also true that the media establishment has tried to pull every dirty trick in the book to smear him, while the political establishment has consistently underestimated him (and continue to do so) while looking down on the people who support Trump and pushing simplistic and utterly dismissive ideas about why.
      How could they do otherwise, though? The real reason is too damning to them: it's that the political establishment and the mainstream media are rotten to the core, show nothing but contempt for the mass of ordinary people, and keep right on thinking that those ordinary people are stupid to realize this.

      The instinct for people to vote Trump is an instinct born out of total contempt for the ruling class who are hopelessly corrupt and have proven themselves utterly self-serving and inept while being infuriatingly self-congratulating of their own decadence. It's the desire to raise the black flag and purge all the filth that sits like a steaming pile of cancerous shit on the foundations of western civilization, slowly smothering it.

      I can't join up with it because I don't think that's the actual solution, but I can sure as fuck understand it.