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Tuesday 23 February 2016

Everyjoe Tuesday: Donald Trump Edition

Today, I look at the fact that Donald Trump's fake Christianity is really very very obviously fake.

And yet, he has a very good chance of winning the nomination, and maybe the election after. But while most people think this is "in spite of" his fake-Christianity or his various other obvious lies, half-truths, exaggerations or obviously empty promises, I think in fact, it's BECAUSE OF.

Yes, Trump's Fake Christianty gives him an advantage.

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  2. I think the reason the religious right likes Trump so much is he is viewed as someone who will halt the progressives. The others are viewed as politician first and social conservative 2nd. Trump is viewed as someone who won't be PC and use the language if the progressive. I don't think Trump is viewed as reversing it, just building a wall to stop or slow it down. Too much social change has happened in a few years and it has many concerned.

  3. Ha, what I like about Trump is that he doesn't seem like he is interested in trying to push a "Christian" agenda on anyone, whereas his rivals all seem to try to out-Jesus each other. He seems in touch with reality and not longing for the apocalypse that gives evangelicals such a hard-on.

    1. Well of course he isn't, he doesn't actually believe in any of that stuff.