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Friday 5 February 2016

Come to theRPGsite!

Hey there,  today I'm busy studying quite a lot of very obscure esoteric stuff about Tang Tantrism and the School of Mind and all sorts of other eastern mysticism/magick, so instead of a full blog entry, I'm just going to tell you: Come to theRPGsite!

If you want a place where you  have awesome discussion about RPGs where you won't be banned for liking the wrong game, where you won't have to wade through hundreds of pictures of cats or posts from your uncle about Trump, or any of the other pitfalls of most modern social media, a place where you can just talk about RPGs, theRPGsite is the place for you.

We have the best signal-to-noise ratio of ANY tabletop RPG forum.  We are the biggest free-speech forum. We do have a lot of threads about the OSR, but we have threads about a lot of other RPGs too, including a couple of hundred-page threads on Exalted, or other games I don't like much personally.  You can talk about Traveler, 7th Sea, Tekumel, GURPS, Champions, 5e, Gangbusters, Star Wars, pretty well every edition of old-school D&D, and those are all just examples taken from what's on the first page of the main forum right now!

So come on down, we welcome everyone (who wants to talk about RPGs).


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  1. This is true, the moderation is incredibly light and evenhanded, especially when compared with other similar sites. You're even allowed to have different opinions and politics without being banned, ostracized, and drawn and quartered.

  2. So no arguments about how my not liking story-games somehow makes me an imperialist pig? Sign me up!

    1. Technically, anyone who wanted to could make that argument on theRPGsite, and we have a few posters who have (a couple of whom even don't just seem to be Storygamer trolls only there to disrupt the forum).

      The real difference is not that there's a lack of people able to make that argument, its that their argument isn't BACKED UP BY MODERATION. That is to say, if you disagree with their claims, no one is going to ban you for it.

    2. Cool! Actual discussion then...

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  4. It's a good place to learn/compare various RPGs.