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Monday 15 February 2016

Everyjoe Monday: Ted Cruz is a Massive Nerd

Today, a very special edition of "Everyjoe Tuesday", on a Monday. In a special additional column, I present a character study of Ted Cruz, where I reveal the secret as to why he's doing so well, and why so many people can't stand him.  Both are wrapped up in the same "origin story", which most people don't know about even though it's not exactly a secret: Ted Cruz is a Huge Nerd.  It defines and informs everything he does and how people react to him.

Click the link above to find out just how nerdy Cruz is, what his favorite comic book heroes are, what he thinks about Star Trek, his nerdy taste in rock music, and his wicked sense of humor (that has produced some of the funniest best political TV ads of all time), and how all of this matters to his chances of success or ruin.

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  1. Funny, in the Town Hall yesterday Rubio mentioned the Jedi Council and Cruz mentioned his love of video games. Being a nerd is no longer something to hide and the politicians are realizing it, bit by bit.