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Thursday 18 February 2016

Wild West Campaign Update: "I'll Run Your Faro Table, But Only Till 8:30"

This weekend's Wild West game saw a number of interesting moments:

-Mechanics wise, we got to try out Aces & Eight's Brawling and Chase rules. Both worked quite well.

-in terms of the Player Characters, they started to find their places in Dodge City. The one character who managed to beat and arrest Jack Tripper last adventure became the new deputy Marshall, only to find out that the other new deputy is none other than Wyatt Earp.  The Cuban became the Marshall office's jailer, winning the job in a fistfight against "the kid". The cowhand got a recommendation from Sheriff Bassett and it won him a job as foreman of the pens. The butcher was having trouble finding a job until some unscrupulous characters brought him into their scheme to cattle rustle local ranchers, lowering the risk of getting caught by slaughtering and skinning the cattle with a mobile rig on the spot.

-The Mormon Gambler arrived in town, quickly managing to cheat his way into a $30 stake, and then turning that over into running the faro table at the Long Branch Saloon (replacing Earp, who had been doing that until he got offered the Deputy job at a wage he couldn't refuse). He's also gotten himself a friendship with a saloon girl named Becky. On the other hand, he's having to come to grips with the lifestyle of "the Gomorrah of the Plains", and with trying to make a good impression in spite of being a teetotalling early-riser with an almost pathological aversion to staying up past 9pm.

-Most of the PCs got caught up in taking Jack Tripper, condemned to hang, to meet the noose at Hays City. That's four days' ride, through country caught up in the hottest time of the Sioux wars, and with Tripper's four cousins supposedly coming to rescue him.  To make things worse, just as they discover that the Tripper cousins are on their trail, they find themselves an Indian Squaw who has been separated from her tribe, pregnant and injured. Their sense of duty obliges them to try to get her some help.

That's where we left off. Most of the PCs are likely to have a fight coming, either with the Trippers or with the Sioux or both. All except the Mormon Gambler, who's still in Dodge. I'm sure he'll be getting some action too, though, we just hope it's not after dinner.


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