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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Announcing: The Winner of the Title of My New OSR Book!

So a few days back, I had made a poll, with various choices, for what was to be the title of my Medieval Authentic OSR fantasy RPG.   This is the current project I'm working on, wherein the rules are going to be OSR, but set up (and combined with an implicit setting of "authentic medieval" in the style of Dark Albion) so as to best reflect gritty, tough and emulative roleplay in a truly medieval society.
You know, where things like social class matters a ton, instead of not at all.
Where most of the conflict is human conflict, and anything inhuman is dark and horrible.
Where faith actually matters, and there's only one god (unless you're some kind of heathen or heretic).
Where the economy is as much about favors, gifts and barter as gold pieces.
Where if a sword-thrust doesn't take you, infection might; and if infection doesn't, plague might.
Where the magic system is eccentric, non-vancian, and based on real magic as practiced in the middle ages.

So, while the contest was close, and another couple of contenders missed out by a couple of votes, in the end, I'm going with what was my first choice as well as my readership:

Lion & Dragon:  Medieval-Authentic OSR Roleplaying

Now I just have to finish writing the damn thing, and Dominique Crouzet has to edit & lay it out. So, absolutely no timetable for when it actually comes out yet.


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  1. Watch for the typos! And make it a gorgeous hardcover like Dark Albion if you can. And dang, how about getting a hardcover edition of Arrows of Indra. I hate getting my copy all bent out of shape.

  2. I still think Donjons & Dragons is a perfectly good name no one is using for anything worthwhile...

  3. Will the finished product contain scenarios, or will it be purely source material?

    1. It won't have scenarios (there's some of those in Dark Albion). It will be focused on mechanics, but right now there's a good chance that it will include some rules and tables for 'wilderland regions'.