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Wednesday 15 March 2017

Break Wednesday: Banning Scales Edition

You know, I believe people have the right to be as fat as they like. And if they're happy with their weight, that's fine.

But you don't have the right to make choices for other people. Like what's happened at Carleton University, where Ctrl-Left activists in the "Fat Acceptance" movement have forced the school to remove all scales from their gym facilities, because "Scales are triggering".

Check out what I have to say about it, in my latest article!

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  1. Fat people who mind their own business are worthy of courtesy. Fat people who make an effort to improve themselves are worthy of congratulations. Fat people on a power trip are worthy of nothing but contempt.

  2. "Following three days of online backlash from students, Marshall told CBC, "we will weigh the pros and cons and may reconsider our decision."

    SJWs need Professional help and Constant supervision. How about those pros and cons you leftard cunts.

  3. SJW want everyone to be as fat as they like, but they also want everyone to be on universal health care with no preexisting conditions disqualifications.

    At some point the weight will be seen as a health issue and they will have a conflict as the Government steps in to regulate diet.

    1. The second "fat pride" stops being useful to the Ctrl-Left, they'll drop them, just like they threw homosexuals against the bus of Islamism, and sexual liberation against the bus of sex-negative Feminism (and Islamism).

    2. Good analysis. Wtf is wrong with these clowns? Mental illness?