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Monday 13 March 2017

Break Monday: "King Allan I" Edition

So, a Tolkien fanboy and Colorado local named Allan Evans has paid a lot of money to put up a big ad in the Times, informing the people of the United Kingdom that he is their true and legitimate king, and letting them all know he'll be coming over there next month to claim what is rightfully his. His claim dates back in an unbroken line, according to himself, to back when Wales was known as the Kingdom of Gondor in the days of Middle-Earth.  Yeah.

But in today's Break article, I decided to give Mr. Evans the benefit of the doubt.  Let's say he's serious about all this; now, what would he really need to do to get the British throne?

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  1. King Allan? More like Allan-a-Fail. Back to the greenwood, wolf's head.

  2. Didn't John Goodman already make this movie?