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Thursday 9 March 2017

Medieval Monsters in my Upcoming "Lion & Dragon" Medieval OSR RPG

Another update on "Lion & Dragon":  work continues apace, and I've moved my way onto the Monsters section.

I had originally planned to keep it very small, probably just to copy some of the material I had on Elves from cults of chaos, maybe make a statblock for goblins, and then a few different types of human NPC archetypes.

But I got a bit more ambitious, and decided to expand it out a bit. The Monster section will now have 55 statblocks (not counting the added statblocks for Demons, Goblins and Homonculi in the Magic section).
These are organized into 7 sections: animals, dragons, elves, fantastical creatures, goblins and other humanoids, humans, and undead.

Most of them (excepting a few totally straightforward animals or human NPCs) will come along with a section explaining some of their medieval context and nature.

And really, it's surprising just how not-medieval most OSR treatments of classic monsters are.  Maybe I'll share an example next entry.


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  1. Always loved medieval bestiaries, so look forward to seeing more...

  2. Stat blocks are the least useful part of monster books; are you going to write up what makes them interesting and setting-appropriate rather than just "here's how they fight and how you kill them"?

    1. Whoops, missed that bit after the cool picture, I assume you are doing what I asked.