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Friday 31 March 2017

The Cycle of Denial/Adoption of Leftist Extremism

How it always goes with the Left:

STEP 1: Someone prominent though theoretically 'extreme' make a statement advocating censorship, violence, or other kinds of totalitarianism.

STEP 2: NO one on the 'mainstream left' actually denounces this view.

STEP 3: Someone like me, on the Right, points out the atrocity that has been suggested and endorsed by silence.

STEP 4: People on the Left claim that "x is an extremist", while still not literally denouncing them. Instead, they accuse the people on the right as being unreasonable 'fake news' hyperbolists. They point out how that's just one person's opinion and not actual policy.

STEP 5: two years later, the thing that was on the 'extreme' is now standard political policy of the Left.


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  1. This is identical to how US Theocrats work.

    1. I don't think anyone in the Left uses the expression 'false news' since it is now closely associated with Trump but it appears fact checking is indeed a lost art, on both ends of the spectrum.

    2. Your first three words are correct. The rest of your statement is bullshit until you get to the "fact checking" part. The Left was all about calling things fake news all day long just a few months ago, even blaming their election defeat on it. Where were you? Busy not thinking?

    3. Who are these "Theocrats" you speak of? Muslim immigrants who favor Sharia law? Practitioners of "Spirit cooking" who believe they are entitled to rule the rest of us because of their moral superiority? Or the fools who think that not believing in God gives them some kind of spiritual authority?

    4. You know, Matt Celis, your posts had more content when they started with "What's a..." but you might be right : I didn't lend much attention to the Left since it became so evident the Dem apparatus wouldn't allow anyone but Clinton to be candidate. Maybe they came to their senses afterwards but I don't see any sign of that yet and I'm mostly busy with the French presidential election right now (you should catch on that, people: it's gloriously insane).

  2. Hey Pundit,
    How would you describe or clasify Left and Right these days? And is this divide a useful description of the culture war going on?

    1. Sort of. Both sides have a split between a libertarian wing and an authoritarian wing. But the Left has increasingly marginalized and pushed out its libertarian wing.
      On the other hand, the libertarian wing of the right had spent 30 years or so in the wilderness, but then started to make renewed inroads as the religious-right and the neo-con-right both started to implode through a series of failures. Today, there's a big split on the right between authoritarians and libertarians; while on the Left the authoritarians rule.