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Monday 27 March 2017

Break Monday: Kung-fu Magic Edition

Today we take a look at the mystical ideas that inform Asian magic, martial arts, and medicine alike.

The fantastical stuff that you've seen in Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, and countless kung-fu movies, or at your acupuncturist's office, or in a Qi Gong class, are all based on some fundamental concepts.  Today, we explain them.

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  1. My favorite bit is "Warning: Most of those guys are total frauds..."

    You mean ALL of them are total frauds since chi/qi/ki is nonexistent.

    1. Well, all of those guys, the 'chi is a power that can knock you over' or something like that gang are frauds.
      But Qi as I defined it in the article, which is how it's defined in serious eastern philosophy rather than new-age bullshit, is something that exists.