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Thursday 2 March 2017

Break Thursday: Voodoo Possession Edition!

So, today we have an article featuring this guy:

You may have seen his viral video.

So is he possessed by the devil? Or is he just high as all fuck?

OR, maybe it's something else: maybe it has something to do with the semi-secret Brazilian version of Voodoo!

Check out my latest article, where I analyze this dude and show you some other videos of authentic "possession" experiences during Umbanda/Candomble/Quimbanda ("Brazilian voodoo") practices!

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  1. Flakka. Without a doubt. It is unusual that the poor revere 'street gods' who protect the poor and indigent, whose religion is spread by drug lords?

    1. In Brazil? Church of God (Seventh Day) and Universal Church of Kingdom of God, both are a bizarre mix of Westboro Baptist Church with freak show (like "demonic possessions", fake miracles and robbing people blind), it's the kinda of church who can drive fucking Jesus crazy.

      Look in google and youtube, there loot of videos talking about them.