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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Courtly Events and Intrigues for Your Medieval-Fantasy Game

This week, we present to you a set of 30 adventure seeds. For $1.99 you get a 16 page sourcebook with 30 (to pick out or just roll a d30!) different situations of courtly intrigue. 

Tired of  having your characters delving in dungeons and tombs? Want a break?
Or maybe your game is high-roleplay already, but you want to add some more medieval-authentic flair to it?

In either case, RPGPundit Presents #35: 30 Courtly Events and Intrigues is just for you!

Each event is different from the other; have your players work as spies, diplomats, babysitters for young and misbehaving aristocrats, agents of dueling houses, and much more.  Each event has one or two paragraphs detailing the basic scenario and then various bullet-points detailing the possible twists and turns the scenario can develop.

So if you want some highbrow Medieval-Authentic intrigue and action, be sure to pick up RPGPundit Presents #35: 30 Courtly Events and Intrigues on DTRPG, or via the Precis Intermedia Webstore.

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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