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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Secrets of the Nethercity Kickstarter

Hey everyone; I'm trying to catch up with the RPGPundit Presents work, so for today I'm just going to point you toward Autarch's latest Kickstarter: Secrets of the Nethercity!

So what is this?

It's basically a new megadungeon, though Autarch insists on calling it a "kilodungeon" because they're worried people will complain that 240 rooms is not enough to constitute a megadungeon. Frankly, I think that 240 rooms is like a sweet spot of "really big dungeon but not so stupidly big that you'll never use it all unless you dedicate an entire campaign just to that".

It's also got new monsters, items, classes (for ACKS of course, though the whole OSR is pretty interchangeable), and a new city (Cyfaraun). The city and the sewers below it will get expansions if the kickstarter reaches stretch goals.

Maybe the most exciting thing I noticed about it is cartography by the excellent Dyson Logos!

Also some great art credits.

Anyways, it sounds like a great OSR product in the classic vein, so if you're interested check it out.

Note: this is not a review, as I have no special information about the product besides what's on the Kickstarter. Nor is this an ad: I am not involved in the project nor am I being paid in any way for posting this. I just wanted to give a shout-out to the great Alex Macris and support his latest endeavor.


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