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Friday 15 June 2018

What is Involved in an "Anderson-esque" Lords of Olympus Campaign?

So I've had a few people asking about my latest campaign of Lords of Olympus.

First off: yes it's full. No it's not online, it's in person like I always do it. No, there's not a space, not even if you fly all the way down to Uruguay for it.

Now that this is out of the way, here's a few more questions, that came up after my first play posts.

1. You mention one player won the auction for immortality. I have never played LoO, so please excuse my asking: Is Immortality a power you can buy?

In Lords of Olympus, the bidding war is for only the four ability scores. However, GMs are encouraged that they could add other items to the bidding war to suit their campaign. In my campaign, since the PCs are staring out low-powered and without access to divinity, having one player already be divine would be a tempting option, and indeed it was.

2. What I'm also interested in is how you handle the growing-into-godlings thing. How do you manage that? Can the players buy powers during campaign? Do you guide them towards opportunities to gain powers? 

The players will be able to buy powers during the campaign, based on what they've been roleplaying. I don't guide them inherently; in my experience PCs have little trouble with seeking out power all by themselves.

3. What do you mean exactly by "Anderson-esque"?

In the post where I'd explained my plans for this Lords of Olympus campaign I talked about it being "Andersonesque".

Andersonesque means the campaign will feel a little bit like the worlds created in the films of Wes Anderson.  So what features does this type of campaign have?


Eccentric people with weird projects.

Dysfunctional families.

Fathers and Sons.


Recurring actors.

Nostalgia or retro-style.


Defining or understanding Family.

Clippy dialogue.

Appreciation of art or beauty in weird ways.

Finding or losing love.

Incredibly self-obsessed characters.

Idle wealth leading to weird behavior.

People wearing funny uniforms.

 Men wearing shorts.

The ridiculous being treated as if it's totally normal.

Exceptionally mature children or teens.

Exceptionally immature adults.

Bill Murray probably shows up at some point.


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