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Tuesday 5 June 2018

The World of Last Sun (from my DCC Campaign) Explained!

Some might say I go about things in a pretty non-linear way.  In today's RPGPundit Pundit Presents (#34), "Miscellaneous Wonders of the Last Sun", I finally get around to presenting an actual background-introduction to the world of my now-legendary DCC campaign, which I've been regularly presenting extremely hilarious gonzo play-reports for in this blog, and which is archived on theRPGsite (albeit a year behind).

So if you want to figure out what the whole backstory is to the World of the Last Sun, this is the supplement for you to get!

Of course, maybe you don't give a crap about that. If so, in this mini-compilation you do also get details about the Ten Planes in the world of the Last Sun (The Crown of Creation, the Infinite City of the Atheists, the Garden, the Stone Realm, the Blood Realm, Wisconsin, The Fire Realm, the Jade Realm, the Grey Realm and the Material plane), with writeups of two of the most-travelled of those higher planes (the Jade Realm and the Grey Realm) and their alien inhabitants.

You also get a write-up of The far northern Tundra, Ice Dome Zero (and the horrific monster known as The Horlax), and the terrible Zombie Trent known as the Ancient of Trees and its sinister plan.

All that for just $2.49!

You can purchase Miscelleaneous Wonders of the World of Last Sun at DTRPG, or at the Precis Intermedia webstore.

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Stay tuned for more next week!


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